Zen Sushi Platter

A lovely stainless steel platter with a unique design that allows multi-utility, this sushi platter is extremely simplistic and elegant. The design is crafted to allow a toothpick and a napkin holder and there is a small ceramic bowl included for dips.The flat platter with a curved end on one side is the perfect solution when it comes to serving snacks and dishes with dips.Ideally recommended for sushi serving, the tray is designed keeping Japanese zen in mind with the lines being minimal and simple. The dimensions stand at length 44cm, width 21 cm, and height at 8.1cm.

Brand: Arttd'inox
Product Code: PL-3331
Availability: In Stock
Price: $75.05
Ex Tax: $68.23

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Tags: Platter, Tray
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